A disease that have touched the life of almost every person.
Since the war on cancer began in 1971 more than 14 million of Americans have died of some form of cancer.
1500 die everyday


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5,65,000 men, women and children have died due to cancer in the year 2009 alone.
In US More people die from cancer every year then the no of US soldiers, since the American revolution.
Since 1920 until now there is no progress in the treatment of adult cancers.
More than $ 3000 Billion have been spent on Cancer, but to no use.

In the 1960 researchers in India thought that by increasing animal protein, it would help cure cancer. what they found was just the opposite.

As as estimate 1 of every 3 is going to get cancer, but the major Question is that do they die of cancer or are they dying from its treatment.
With so much of research, developed science and money plunged into this area, is it really possible that there is no strong fruitful result? Or is there something Hidden from us?

Let’s find out in the video. Then it will all be unto you to decide and your views are most welcome.