When A Woman Abused a Man in Public.

In this social experiment, when a man physically abuses his girlfriend then there a few people show the courage to come ahead and resist, BUT when a girl abuses her boyfriend! Publicly! then no one comes ahead, in fact, there are a few who laughs at the boy. According to a study (Office for National

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What The Cancer Industry doesn’t want YOU to know.

A disease that have touched the life of almost every person. Since the war on cancer began in 1971 more than 14 million of Americans have died of some form of cancer. 1500 die everyday 5,65,000 men, women and children have died due to cancer in the year 2009 alone. In US More people die

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A Father Injects His Newborn With HIV, But then a miracle happened.

Storied like this are a blend of human brutality and also an example of never giving up. Miracles do happen, with the help of science, courage and motivation everything is possible. Little Bryyan Jackson’s father tried to murder him by injecting him with an HIV- tainted blood, when he was only 11 months old, in order

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