Make Your Funeral Come to ‘Life’ with these Wacky Ideas

Planning your own birthday and anniversary celebrations is passé. There is an uprising freakish trend of making one’s last day on earth memorable. This is your chance to leave the planet making a bold statement. Why go for the traditional funeral service where few weep and the rest sleep? Consider some of these mind-blowing ideas that will turn your funeral into a bespoke homage, and guarantee to keep you embedded in the memories of the living souls for decades to come.

  • Get a customized coffin. Are you a cigarette addict? Leave nothing to the imagination as you book this cigarette shaped coffin for yourself.

Did you enjoy dancing? Get ballet shoe shaped coffins like this.


Was gambling your favorite past time? Or would like the world to know about your favorite band and want to leave the house in a coffin designed with their merchandise? All of these and more can be incorporated in your coffin design.

  • The location should be representative of your true self. What is it that you really enjoy doing? Is it riding a bike? Then you could think of requesting your loved ones to position you on your bike and bury it that way. If painting is your thing then you can paint photos to be hung at your funeral. If travelling is what ticks you then choose your favorite holiday destination and spot and ask your family members to arrange for a funeral there. Maybe, beside a still lake in a remote location. Here are some such weird places where funerals have been organized.



  • What are people going to wear? Choose a theme or a color code for your funeral. Why go for the boring black! Make it red! Or choose a completely unrelated theme such as Christmas or Vampires or Disney or anything otherwise unrelated to funerals but something people can relate you with. Here are few photos of such funerals.


  • Have a custom menu, music and lights for the ceremony. Book a band to play the covers of your favorite songs or simply keep a playlist prepared to be played on the day. The menu should be something completely contrast to usual funerals and interesting to say the least.

Other factors such as decoration, choosing the car in which the coffin will be taken must also be premeditated. Once the plan is set, call your loved ones, favorite juniors and tell them about the royal treatment you want to receive on the day you leave! Bon Voyage, in style!