Want You Ex Girlfriend Back? These 6 Steps Could Do It

You have lost her! For some reason, or probably for some fault of yours, the girl of your life decided to dump you and now you think that you must get her back. Although this can be a considerably difficult task to pull off, it is obviously not impossible either. So if you are still in the fray and looking to get her back, there are certainly some definite ways to go about it. Read on to learn about the steps that could make it possible to win her back.

Identify the reason for your breakup earlier

If you are looking to get her back, you should definitely know how you put the wrong foot front in the first place that resulted in the breakup. Therefore, it would always be good to know where things went wrong. This will help you make things right the second time around, and also it would mean you have understood what can possibly lead on to a situation like a breakup.

Call her up or text her

One of the most important factors in a relationship is obviously the communication between two people. So it is very important that you do call or text your ex girlfriend. Of course a call is much more preferable than a text as it connects people more emotionally. Your conversation should also be very polite. You can catch up on the time that you both have spent being apart. Do not forget to tell her if you have missed her, as that would convey to her what you really felt.

Accept your mistakes
Most breakups happen due to mistakes that either of the two people commit. If you were at fault in the earlier relationship, make sure you offer her an honest apology. If it was her mistake at any point, be ready to forgive her. This would help both of you to accept your mistakes and take things to the next level. After all, you are humans and it’s possible that people’s mistakes might have caused hurt in some way. This move will only help both you people put aside your grudges, and make another start in the right direction.
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Start over again
Yes you probably know her almost completely after the last time you spent together, but also remember that this is a new beginning altogether. Therefore, you will need to start over again. Keep things funny and casual in your first few dates. Don’t give her the impression that you are only interested in sex. Invest time in her so that she knows that she does feature in your priority list and that you truly care about her. You could go back to doing the things that made her fall for you in the first place. You can also look to adding in some surprising elements that you think would amaze her. This way you can build upon the trust you once had.

Don’t push her
When you are starting over, do not appear pushy. Give her the time to accept things. Therefore, you should be looking to take this slow over a considerable amount of time. Remember that this, in fact, might even take longer than your first time. It is only natural, so progress at that pace. Don’t be needy, respect her feelings and take things naturally.

Keep up and work towards your relationship   
After you make up and have each other back in your lives, it would really be the time to show her that you have accepted things and will strive to be together. This is time you really start to live up to whatever expectations she might have of you. If you work at it, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from having each other.

These steps are generally a good way to make up things and get your ex girlfriend back. However, note that things might always not turn out to be rosy due to certain factors. In that case, you got to accept your fate and get going.
source: askmen  mensfitness