Curing Cancer With BAKING SODA!

baking soda cancer cure
Baking soda effect: stopping cancer! 
We all know that baking soda has a lot many wonderful uses but this one’s different!
It has many time-tested remedies which is worthy of having our attention such as being linked with fighting cancer, staving off flu and colds, and also treating the radiation poisoning.

Vernon Johnston in 2008 was diagnosed with IV stage prostate cancer and despite being told by his doctor who detected his cancer about no apparent treatment choices, Vernon is still breathing today- all thanks to the sodium bicarbonate or what we call the baking soda.

Living with Cancer

When his stage IV prostate cancer was diagnosed, it already widened to his bones but Johnston researched about Cancer Cure and Baking Soda, which became the basis of his later self-applied healing program.
After about 10 days of dosing every day with a unique solution of baking soda, his next bone scan resulted in: “No credible evidence of process related to osseous metastatic.” It meant that the baking soda solution stopped his cancer.

Impeding fungus could stop cancer

Dr. Simonchini- Rome based oncologist and Mark Sircus- OMD, Ac carried out persuasive research about the baking soda potential on cancer treatment.
Their premise was that cancer proliferation and fungal infections are linked, and stopping fungus might also stop cancer.

Dr Simonchini initially made the association between cancer proliferation and fungal infection. He also realized that after a tumour was flushed by means of anti- fungal baking soda, it minimized and then totally disappeared in a matter of few days.