Ebola Contracted Doctor Saved By an Experimental Drug

Did you know that Ebola outbreak has hit almost 7000? The Ebola death tool has drastically increased in the last few months with the outbreak hitting 7000+ and the death toll feared to increase with the Christmas approaching. Researchers are certainly questioning the case.

Breaking news published in The Lancet showed that a male doctor who have been working on Ebola cases in Sierra Leone and contracted the deadly virus has been successfully treated with the vaccine on trial against vascular leakage syndrome.

A drug used to treat the doctor; called FX06, which was seen to reduce the leakage on thetrials to animals. The man; a 38-year-oldwho was among those handling Ebola treatment unit in the West Africa country Sierra Leone started developing fever and diarrhea on late September. Continuously 28thSeptember the man was ratified to have contracted the deadly Ebola.

The doctor was later flown to Germany 5 days later and was admitted in Frankfurt University Hospital and isolated unit where he received treatment with the trial drug FXO6.

FX06 is a fibrin derived drug that uses peptide and proved to reduce the vascular leakage in animals with a dengue hemorrhagic shock.

The drug is to move for clinical test in treating Ebola after Dr. Timo Wolf of Frankfurt university hospital said that the Doctor was successively treated with the drug.

It surprised the within 30 days there were trace of Ebola virus on the patient blood system the doctor reported.  This means we can soon have the anticipated Ebola treatment developed.

The patient’s treatment involved placing the man in a kidney dialysis as well as a ventilator, then antibiotic were administered in three days when the drug FX06 was introduced which stopped further vascular leakage.

The prescription as reported by Dr. Wolf were; patient receiving 400mg of FX06 given twice. First using  slow bolus injection the 200mgwas administers; slow bolus is an injection that can increase concentration of the drug so that the drug can act faster. After 10 minutes the other 200mg was later administered.

When we follow the treatment keenly as Dr. Wolf experience, we were able to see the significant of the improvement, especially regarding patients respiratory and vascular systems. As the treatment was in progress, Dr. Wolf, and the team saw a significance reduction of the viral load in theblood system. Within 30 days of treatment and specialized isolation the patient tested zero Ebola viruses.

As we report, the doctor has made afull recovery and soon we will be interviewing him. Based on this special case we believe that FX06 is afighter of the deadly Ebola.