Natural way to cure Headache in 30 seconds.


Why to take medicines having so many side-effects when you can cure your headache Naturally and within 30 seconds, merely by this Acupressure Technique?

The upper area which lies between thumb and index finger must be gently pressed with either you thumb or middle finger. This area is also known as Hoku spot in  Chinese. Merely 30 seconds of gently but firm pressure on this area will not only get you relieved from heartache, but also reduces stress and tension.

You must Press and hold this area with young your middle finger or thumb (Thumb is preferable) until the pain reduces and you will also feel relaxed after it.

Is this doesn’t help then beside this there are other good ways to cure your Headache, which is as simple as breathing. You only have to regulate breathing from left and right nostril and the effect will be withing 5 mins.

The detail manner is given here :- Easy 5 minute Controlled Breathing therapy to cure headaches and Energize your bodyYour Left Nostril  represents the Sun and Right represents moon and just as different acupressure points they also holds different purpose which can be used for cure and Energizing yourself.
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