Almost NO ONE Could Solve This Riddle. Are You Able To Outsmart The Rest?

Riddles really take a little more brainstorming than we care to admit! And let’s face it, sometimes, we adults are also left scratching our heads when it comes to the strangest of the riddles! Sometimes, the riddles are so easy that the kids solve them in almost no time while adults take forever to solve the simplest ones of the lot! Let us look at this one for an instance!


So, here it goes! Consider that there are 10 fish in the water tank. Now two of them get drowned in the water, four of them swim away from the tank and three of them, so how many are left? Can you guess the answer? Get your mind working, fellas, this is not that simple! We know you might have never expected a fish to cause this much trouble in your mind, but let’s accept it for now and try solving it!


What happened? You sat down to get your minds rolling but this is all that you’ve done yet? Never mind, maths is a universally dreaded subject! But this one needs more common sense than maths! See, I told mum, maths ain’t getting me anywhere, it is my common sense, that will! Tired of the riddle? Don’t worry, the answer is just coming up!

It is so obviously simple? Did you also guess that the answer is one? And the math behind it be 10-(2+4+3)? As simple as it may look. it isn’t that simple! This is wrong! The answer needs a little more thinking, you’ve got last chance!

Still unable to think of a more accurate answer? So, here’s it!


Yes, the answer is 10 by this logic! See, I told you, maths ain’t getting you anywhere, just kidding kids, get to your maths book now!