You Will Definitely Never Eat Strawberries Again After Watching This

Fruits are a literal example of life savers for we humans. By any chance, can you really imagine your life without fruits? Doesn’t really seem like it, right? But we have something that’ll force you to never have strawberries again.


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One of the best memories of my college times is studying Biology. More like studying in the biology lab. The specimens under the microscope would be our classwork and trying not to feel disgusted by looking at the things on those specimens was our homework.

I remember analyzing so many objects/animals under that microscope. The worst experience though was looking at the curd from the microscope’s eye. Guess what, when it comes to microscopes, I have a new low. Curd is no more the most hated thing under the microscope and something else has replaced it.


Before revealing the object, let me bring you back to this extremely crucial topic of fruits. All of us might not like the same fruit but we like munching onto some or the other fruit of our choice occasionally. The point here is, how many of us actually wash those fruits before eating? Say a Banana doesn’t demand any cleansing but what about Apples, Strawberries and Kiwis?

Coming back to the point, the thing that we are about to keep under the microscope is Strawberry. This is a must watch video if you are a strawberry lover. Just look at the result.

The Video

So in this video, we will show you 8 ordinary things that appear amazing under a powerful microscope. Right from a syringe to a Strawberry, you get to see the rawest condition of everything crucial that can remotely affect your health because of its constant access to your body.

Checkout this video as it might just serve as an eyeopener for you. Here’s the video.