This Dead Woman Came Out of Her Grave And Walks after Three Years of Deceased

What if we tell you that a woman who died actually came out of her grave after three years and walked perfectly? Sounds a little less believable, right? Not really if you checkout this piece about this dead woman walking out of her grave!


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Life And Death

As individuals, life and death is a concept that we are well versed with. If you can read this line, you were certainly born (don’t kill me for stating the obvious) and you will certainly die as well. But every society in this world deal with the deceased in their own sweet way. There are so many different beliefs associated with the reincarnation and they vary from culture to culture.

The most popular belief is considered to be of this group called Toraja. They are the people who belong to the mountains of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. They are extremely popular for wood carvings and their peculiar traditional, ancestral houses along with their belief for deceased.

They Fancy Death?

These people definitely have a thing for death. What they practice with dead bodies is nonparallel to any other religious practice in the world. You see dead bodies all over the place here. They very strong;y believe in life after death and preach the concept to its fullest.

Burial after death is just not an immediate process for them. It is a long but an extravagant affair where everyone from the family participates in full spirits. The poor families here simply keep the dead body in another room of their own home and these bodies are usually entombed within wide coffins placed within burial caves painstakingly carved into limestone cliffs. Just so that you know, weeks or even months can pass between death and burial.

The Weirdest Ritual

How expensive the burial affair would be actually depends on how rich the person was in his/her lifetime. But the most shocking ritual is yet to come. A ritual that you’ll never be able to fathom.

If you thought burial is the last time one gets to see the dead body, you are wrong. Every year in august, villagers go to the burial site and remove the bodies and change their clothes, groom them, and bathe them, as well as repair as much as possible any damage the coffins may have incurred.

This is not it, they will hold the dead body upright and “walk” them in the village to their place of death and back again, after which the body is placed back in its coffin.

It is then returned to its cave until the following year, when the whole process will be repeated.

Here’s the video…