10 Common Animals And The Powerful Omens They Represent, Have Any Crossed Your Path Recently?

There are legends of old that tell us that we once were much more in line with the Natural world.  We could speak with birds, and listen for whispered advice in the wind.  We could touch a plant and know if it would heal or harm, and we could know, without a second guess, what the turning of the season would bring.


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Our lives were much more connected and intertwined than they are today.

Still, we haven’t moved that far from Nature, as much as we may want to sometimes.  Little dandelions creep up from the pavement, and bugs still invade every winter.  Bunnies still hop along the outskirts of school yards, and snakes show up in community garden patches.  We really can’t escape Mama Nature’s green fingers.

What does it mean for us now, then, for certain animals to cross our path?  Are black cats still mysterious?  Do certain birds hold the key to our future?  Read on to see 10 of the more likely, and wonderful, omens that could occur:

1. Owls As Harbingers of Doom?

Owls have always been considered wise and wonderful.  They have been said to speak to those who possess a deeper knowledge with the world.  When they have appeared historically, they have been greatly respected, and looked to as a messenger from the Gods.  Strongly associated with Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, owls should all be treated as the bearer of great news, whether bad or good.

It is best to look upon a visit from an owl as if you were being given a gift–an appearance to let you know to be prepared–and not to see it as anything than what it is.  Owls are not hear to speak of Death–not traditionally–, but as a wise old friend who knows that it is time for you to go through some changes.  So no, no harbinger here.

2.  Scary Spiders?

Most people have a deadly fear associated with spiders, but they truly are mostly harmless.  Those that do possess venom are rarely interested in making a scene, and would much rather sneak quietly by.  Also associated with Athena, they tend to be looked upon as great weavers of time and story, connecting the threads of all of our hopes and dreams.  They are thought to also warn of an approaching friendship, or friend, and this warning is a blessing, not a curse.

It’s best to treat whatever spiders you find with care, as they are the ones assuring your home isn’t full of other creepy-crawlers.  If you respect them, they will most certainly respect you.

3.  Cats!!

Oh, there are so many magical, wonderful properties associated with cats.  Transitions through time and space, the bearers of past souls, companions from a different realm…So many things to think about!  But what happens when a cat just happens to catch your eye?  Should you ignore it or watch what it does?  More often than not, if you catch the eye of a feline, you should acknowledge its presence, as it was meaning to do so.  You may even find that it follows you around—this is because cats are there to remind you of what you actually need to be doing.  They are your intuition, in fur-covered form, and they want you to notice.  It’s important to look at your inner self, yes?  Well, cats can see that inner self and want you to understand what’s there.

Oh!  And colors can matter…A white cat?  Romantic affairs are shifting.  Orange?  Moving through the different planes of your mental existence.  And black?  Luck, my friends.  Luck.

4.  Crows As Evil?

No.  Not necessarily.  Crows are more the symbols of truth, and when we don’t want to look at our own, we push it off and say it’s evil.  As the associated animal of Thoth, the Egyptian God of Writing, Wisdom, and the Moon, the Crow, or Raven, is one of the symbols of the judgement of the afterlife.  Will you pass to Eden or will your sail to the Pits?  Only truth will be the judge of that.

If you come across a Crow or Raven, especially if they are sitting in your path, or directly staring at you, know that it is time for a truth to be revealed to you.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life, and listen to your heart.  It will guide you through.

5.  Deer–Not Just Bambis

Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon, adored her Deer.  They were as precious to her as children, and she always kept one close.  They were, to her, the purest symbol of Nature’s grace.  Even today, when we see Deer, we are struck with how powerfully beautiful they are, with their heads held high, and their eyes following us.  If you happen to come across one, especially randomly or at night, know that you are being told that you can get through whatever difficulties your are facing, or will face.  They are loved creatures, and so are you.  Nature has your back, man.

6.  Lucky Rabbit

This is indeed, a very true myth.  Seen in numbers that seem out of this world during Spring and Summer, they are the very definition of Nature’s fertility.  They are pure and innocent animals, and have been historically looked upon as being the reincarnation of fairies or nymphs.  Curious, yet timid, it is always magical to stumble across one that doesn’t seem afraid.

And this is a great sign for you.  It means you are about to face some incredibly good luck, and quite possibly, see a great positive turn around in your life.  Don’t go for carrying around a foot, though, as that could actually bring bad karma down on your head.

7.  Leeezzzaarrds

These little guys are alll over the South, South West, and Hawai’i, and they have almost always been associated with good luck.  Seen as “tiny dragons” on the Islands, they are said to be the protectors of Pele, the Goddess of the Earth and Fire, and will bless your home if they are in it.  They have also been seen as messengers from the Dreamworld, and are meant to draw you back to your thoughts that come from your nighttime wanderings.  They can also regrow their tails, so are a symbol of renewal and faith.

Lizards make exceptional companions in the desert, as well.  They will only come out when the sun isn’t too hot, and when there is ample shade to hide in—ideal times for people to exploring in the desert as well.  Make sure they don’t scurry into your things, though, as they’re crafty buggers.

8.  Snakes Are Not the Devil

As much as we associate Snakes with evil and the Falling From Grace, Snakes are actually one of the oldest symbols of the wisdom of Nature.  Their ability to take on many shapes and forms, as well as the broad range of diverse environments in which they live, speak towards their capacity for change.  They will cross your path at a time when you need to be reminded of your own wisdom and strength.  The very depth of your soul is seated within Nature, and she wants you to remember that.

It is always wise to allow animals their own passage, no matter where you may find them.  If you are afraid of Snakes, try to remind yourself that they are here to survive and thrive just as you are, and should be respected for that reason.

9.  Dragonflies!!

These beautiful winged creatures are normally found near a source of water, and can appear in the hundreds of thousands.  They are mystical and magical in their appearance and form, and have been looked upon with awe for hundreds of generations.  Thought to be the helpers of Fairies, and the steeds of Dreams, Dragonflies will come your way to remind you that the “other side” is watching, and keeping tabs, and wants you to know that you are not alone.

Also seen as the only creature who can pass between the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead, Dragonflies have been thought to carry messages from the beyond.  Sit and listen if a Dragonfly makes an appearance.  You never know what you’ll hear.

10.  The Bug of Lady

Ladybugs are lucky.  They are, well, Lady Luck in disguise.  Always looked upon as joyous creatures, especially by children, Ladybugs have gotten a bad rap for being a pest.  Yes, they can infest a place, and no, that does not have to mean “bad.”  It might actually mean that Luck has come a-knocking, and that you should listen for what’s about to come.

Ladybugs will also get rid of aphids—a little bug that can kills plants—so they have been used as a natural “pesticide” over the years.  It wasn’t until a burst of population a few years back when their natural predators–frogs and lizards–saw a drop in their numbers due to disease, that they became to be pests themselves.  Try not to think of them as such, and instead let them into your heart.

Source : mysticalraven.com