12 Movie Mistakes That Actually Made The Movie Better

Movies are entertaining because they take our minds off of daily life and let us relax for a bit. They also allow us to immerse ourselves into a totally different world where we can be the hero or the main character. But actors are just like people and they too are prone to human error.


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However, their mistakes are captured on film and then magnified and displayed to millions of viewers.

Whether it is Robert Downey Jr. or StarLord, here are some movie mistakes that were kept in the movie.

In Guardians of the Galaxy when Chris Pratt drops the Stone of Infinity, the director has admitted that it was not intentional and that Chris just accidentally dropped it.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki - Fandom

However, Chris’ pristine acting and ability to stay in character during this mishap made for a great scene and thus, the director decided to keep it in the film.
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During the Avengers, a lot of superstars were assembled into one film. Robert Downey Jr. was apparently so into his role as Iron Man that he developed some peculiar quirks for the millionaire playboy philanthropist.


Tony Stark is regularly seen with a pack of snacks. During a scene with Hulk and Captain America, Stark can be seen offering his snacks to his superhero comrades. This was all an improvisation and not written in the script.

Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries had a slight tumble when she slipped and landed on some bleachers. It was so appropriate to her role as a clumsy princess that the director decided to keep it in.

During the shooting of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, an orc was supposed to fake throw a knife at Viggo Mortensen’s face but the knife slipped and flew directly at Aragorn’s face.
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However, Viggo’s speedy reaction allowed him to strike the blade aside with his sword making for an even more dramatic albeit extremely dangerous scene.
buildgifcom-935372-1500965507© New Line Cinema

Dustin Hoffman was so into his role in the Midnight Cowboy that when a taxi almost hit him during the shooting of the film he yelled out: ‘I’m walking here! Get out of here!’
MIDNIGHT COWBOY, Jon Voight, Dustin Hoffman, 1969.© Florin Produ

In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig accidentally fell into the water and viewers got to see a soaking wet Daniel in nothing but his briefs. This was obviously kept in the film and those same briefs were later auctioned off for 72,000 dollars!

During The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger was supposed to set off a series of explosions. Since it was expensive to recreate the explosions, it was supposed to be done in one take.

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But due to some technical errors, the explosion did not go off in time, and Heath’s reaction to the delayed explosion was genuine and thus saved the scene.
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In American Sniper, there is a scene with Bradley Cooper and a baby. However, on the day of the shooting, the baby got sick and Bradley had to film with a plastic baby. In that one scene, viewers can see Bradley manually lift the baby’s hand up with his thumb.
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