10 Most chilling Images Captured By Google Earth

Google Maps and other navigation apps have always been a handy tool for one or many reasons. From getting directions and traffic situations they help us to plan and commute accordingly. Google maps also include street-level photography of many wonderful locations using the radar technology but most of the people would say that whatever we see are the glitches in the technology.

What’s your opinion on this? Today, we will show you some bizarre and disturbing things from murder to mystery that is discovered on Google Earth.

Crop Circle

The strange crop circle-like pattern was captured in a Chinese desert and has baffled many. Whenever something like this happens, most of the people start making a documentary while some say that it’s just a hoax to get some attention. If it’s not a hoax, some will say that it’s a smart piece of art by some technology artist. Till now, no one has come forward to claim this creepy image as their art work so can it be a signal to confirm the presence of aliens there?

What had happened to that cow?

One of the most disturbing pictures from the list which captured an injured cow crawling to the other side of the road.

Are they Creepy Twins or Just a Glitch?

One image clearly shows two persons who look exactly the same. Now, it’s a doubtful question here that if they are real twins dressed alike and staring eerily at the camera or is it just Google glitches producing a double copy of just one boy.

Jellyfish in the Sky

What’s that strange pink object floating in the sky? Is it a mistake by Google or a technology malfunction? Even though there is nothing relevant here which can produce the lighting effect. Then there must be some similar object flying somewhere above it which has produced this image.

A Crime Scene

Google Maps makes sense to capture some crime scene in their documentation.

Two women fighting scene

What ever is happening here, it doesn’t look good.One woman is dragging another woman by her hair across the pavement.

An exact shot by Google

Can you guess what’s happening there across the railway line? Is it some sort of crime scene accidentally got captured by Google Maps. Yes, we can see a man lying right next to the track. This time technology played its best to capture a still tragedy.

A Giant Squid

An ocean is a place full of mysteries and horrors. Likewise, this strange image is about a giant squid-like creature swimming about undisturbed. It appears to be massive, with tentacles that go deep beneath the ocean.

A forceful action

The cop in the picture is using excessive force to control the accused handcuffed man just by pointing his massive gun. We actually can’t make out here as to what has happened to this man.

More Crop Circles Or A Satanic Ritual?

Is this another strange piece of art work by someone or a random prank by someone? This creepy image shows some strange formation of a circle in the sand.