Man Pulls Out Scary Python Hiding In Tiny Space Above Fridge

Imagine coming home after long tiring day at work, opening your refrigerator to take out a cold drink of water and suddenly noticing a slimy scary snake right on top of the fridge. Sounds unnerving, right? That was the reality for one Australian family in Noosaville, Queensland, when they actually found a python hiding in the tiny dark space above their fridge. The family reached out to The Snake Catcher 24/7 – Sunshine Coast and a video of the snake’s rescue has been posted on Facebook.

Shared on August 31, the video, a little over four minutes long, shows a member from the team trying to coax the snake out of its hiding place. It takes him a little while – long enough for the open fridge to beep at him – but he eventually manages to pull the snake out. Once out, he even lays the snake on the floor and boy, does the snake look scary or what!

Since being posted, the video has collected over 1.9 lakh views, some 900 reactions and more than 1,200 shares. Several people have posted their thoughts on the video.

“OMG that’s crazy! I’m terrified of snakes and this showed up in my news feed. Why don’t you wear gloves? He practically climbed up your arm… I kept waiting for you to get bitten. (Have you ever been bitten?)” a Facebook user asks in the comment section.

“To become a snake catcher you need to get experience and do a venomous snake handling course and apply for your permit. I don’t think gloves are necessary plus I am very gentle when handling snakes. I have been bitten a few times by no venomous snakes like pythons but that’s because I am very relaxed around them as they are not dangerous,” explains the handler.

“Eeeek! I would probably faint if I ever see one in my house (after screaming the place down first), haha! I’m so glad there is such thing as snake catchers,” says a commenter on the video. “Just couldn’t live there, having not been bought up with snakes… the handler was so gentle… I’d be dead on the floor in fright!” says another.
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