The modern age Smartphones are packed with so many features and functions that you might not be using all its features. Many of the features get overlooked as most of the people tend to stick to what they already know like sending texts, calls, taking photos, and hence miss out on some amazing cool tricks that are not only useful but also add to the fun.

Below is a compilation of some clever smartphone functions that most people are not aware of.

Turn your Cell Phone into a Listening Device

Ever thought, that you can use your cell phone into the ultimate spy tool or a baby monitor. Simply put your phone in silent mode, set the screen to black and enable Auto-Answer. Now place your phone at the desired location and give it a call. The phone will answer automatically, and you can hear what is happening at the place where you have kept it.


Lock Your Phone Forever

Every SIM comes with a 15-digit unique IMEI number which is useful when your phone gets stolen and you want to keep your data safe. You just need to call the cell phone company and ask them to block your device using that number.

Turn your Phone into a Microscope

Want to see tiny objects then buy a special lens that gets fixed on your phone turning it into a microscope perfect for taking amazing magnified pictures.

Take Underwater Photos

For old phones that are not waterproof, simply wrap your smartphone in polyethylene and then it can be taken underwater. You can also put a condom over your phone and tie it up at the end to use it under water.

Face Unlock Feature

Most of the people use a PIN, a password, a pattern gesture or an insecure swipe to unlock the phone ignoring another feature wherein you can simply unlock it using Face Unlock feature present in Security settings.


Extend your Smartphone Life

The dust, dirt and other debris can decrease the life of your phone over a period of time. Avoid this by taking a syringe full of air, inserting its needle into the power jack, and injecting the air to clean the dirt from the charging port and extend the life of your smartphone.

Try using the above features and share your experiences with us.
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