11 Photos To Test Your Intelligence. Can You Spot The Difference

Our eyes play a lot of tricks on us. But, it takes a keen mind to decipher them. Sometimes even the hardest puzzle has a solution.

Here we have consolidated many such photos which will test your intelligence.

No Of Planks

It is very hard to guess whether the number of planks here is 3 or 4. This image involved some editing to form a puzzle like drawing. Sometimes, it can look like 4 pieces of planks on one side, while 3 pieces on the other.

Elephant Legs

Although at first glance it may seem like the elephant has many legs, you need to concentrate on the picture for quite some time to grasp the reality of the picture.

The Beatles On Abbey Road

It is a picture of a famous Beatles cover side by side. Only a true Beatles fan can spot the difference between both the pictures. To keep you all informed you can spot as many as five differences.

Spot the Difference

While your eyes search the top part of the picture where are many details, the difference lies in the green mechanism on the bottom of the screen. There are seven bolts on top of the green mechanism in the left photo, while there are only six in the right.

Mona Lisa

The only difference between these two portraits is that the right side one has a lighter patch, while the other one has a darker hue on that particular spot.


Although your eyes automatically go to the number of stars and the alien, the difference lies in the size of the hole in front of the spaceship.

Big Ben

The two distinctions are with the plane in the sky and the difference in the timings between the clocks.

Easy Peasy

If you don’t get this right, you might not be as smart as you think you are.Hint: the tree.

Two Girls

If you check the bottom right of the picture, you’ll notice that the photo on the right has a mouse hole in the corner, while the photo on the left doesn’t.

London Bridge

The difference between both the pictures lies with the number of fans on the bridge.

The Scenic View

Check out the photo on the left there is a house that appears directly beside the house in the right-hand corner. In the photo on the right, the house isn’t there.

Source : http://fewunknownfacts.com