Woman Poops On Busy Hospital Corridor, then casually walks away!

The unidentified woman carries out the deed within a matter of seconds before making a swift exit

An unidentified woman who casually curled one out on a hospital corridor and casually left the scene has now gone viral.

In a busy hallway, the lady leans back against the wall, checks left and right, before doing a poo while standing up.


Her long clothes conceal the deed, which takes place literally a few feet away from a large group of people waiting for a lift.

As she smoothly makes her exit, a couple of people notice the steaming pile on the floor, with one woman checking her shoe to make sure she hasn’t accidentally brought any of it with her.

The woman, who is carrying a shopping bag, appears not to be an inpatient at the hospital in Istanbul. Though she has not been identified.

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People walking past do a double-take at what is lying on the ground and one woman even checks her shoe to make sure she hasn’t trodden in the mess.

She then points it out to others who are waiting for a lift just around the corner.The culprit, who held onto her carrier bag throughout, did not appear to be a patient at the hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.