Family’s 9-Month-Old Daughter Given Death Sentence, Babysitter Does Something No One Anticipates

Being a babysitter is a tough job. Anyone who’s worked as a nanny or even a part-time babysitter knows how much responsibility there is to watch children while the parents are working or are out. It’s a lot of pressure too.

Most parents take a lot of time in deciding the perfect candidate to watch their children. Most babysitters take the job pretty seriously, and then there are some that go way beyond what is expected of them, what any parent could ask for.

One nanny did just that. 22-year-old Kiersten Miles had only been watching over the children of George and Farra Rosko for a few weeks. But when one of the three kid’s lives was at stake, Kiersten had made a life-changing decision.

It was this decision that not only saved the life of the little girl but left the entire Rosko family eternally grateful.



Kiersten is a student from New Jersey who needed a job to pay for her studies. Her friend got her in touch with the Rosko family and immediately started working for them.



It didn’t take much time for Kiersten to form a strong bond with the couple’s three kids, especially the youngest, Talia.



Eventually, it was discovered that the nine-month-old little girl had a rare, life-threatening liver disease.



The doctors soon revealed that Talia needed a new liver and as a super-nanny, Kiersten offered part of hers…without any hesitation.



At first, George and Farra weren’t sure about the idea because giving a liver is a pretty big deal and the process itself is not an easy one…at all.



Donating part of your liver involves intense surgery and there are a number of risks involved. It’s far more intense than donating blood.



But regardless, Kiersten stood by her decision and applied to be Talia’s donor, according to Newsner. When the test results got back, Kiersten proved to be a perfect match!



The couple was extremely grateful to Kiersten but they made sure they didn’t push Kiersten to do something that she could regret later.



But Kiersten had zero regrets and on January 11, 2017, she and Talia went to the hospital for the 14-hour-surgery.



First, the doctors removed part of Kiersten’s liver and then immediately performed a transplant on little Talia. Luckily, both procedures went smoothly and everything was a success.



According to Newsner, Kiersten ended up at the hospital for five days while Talia stayed for nine. But both recovered fairly quickly and now, Talia is a new toddler. No one believes that she recently had a liver transplant.



Thankfully, Talia is like any other little girl. She can run around, she plays a ton and eats like she’s never eaten before. Kiersten deserves nothing but the best for having such a big heart.



With all the bad that is going on in today’s world, people like this prove that there is still hope and inspiration out there. It puts a smile on our face!



Kiersten could have just done her job and continued living her life, focusing on herself, school and her job. But she didn’t. She chose to go the “difficult” but more rewarding route.



She gave a little girl a chance to live a normal, healthy and happy life. This is truly what being a superhero is and it’s inspirational.


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