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Is that a 2-way mirror in your changing room?

 When you are in a changing room, hotel room or bathroom, do you know if the seemingly innocent mirror hanging on wall is an ordinary one? How do you know it isn’t a two-way mirror, where they will be able to see you but won’t see them? Instances of two-way mirrors being installed in the changing rooms for female are not so uncommon. It’s practically impossible to tell just by looking. Then how do you find out what kind of mirror it is that you are staring at?

It’s quite simple. Conduct this test. Simply place a fingernail tip against its reflective surface. If you see any GAP between the nail image and your fingernail, then it will be an authentic mirror. But in case your fingernail TOUCHES DIRECTLY your nail’s image, it is a two-WAY MIRROR.
This no-cost “fingernail test” was passed on by a policewoman who travels all over the US and gives seminars and techniques for businesswomen. It takes literally no time! Keep in minds that if there is NO SPACE then LEAVE THE PLACE. Pass it on to the females you know for their benefit.
All men must share it with their daughters, wives, mothers, friends, daughters-in-law.