Most of us actually happen to be non vegetarians, if our eating habits were to be taken into consideration. However, there is a fair share of people who have shunned meat almost completely and have gone the green way! As much as you like a bite of that tasty hamburger or a meat pie, it isn’t necessarily the best. A number of health problems can be largely associated with meat eating. Here we have highlighted some of the reasons on why we think it would be good to say goodbye to meat.


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Increases you chances of type 2 Diabetes
Now this might come as something that you weren’t aware of, but studies have shown that the consumption of red or processed meat can actually lead to an increase in type 2 Diabetes in an individual. Meat is also associated with increase in obesity, which again leads to chances of Diabetes.

Puts the brain at risk
Although you might be wandering exactly how meat might actually be affecting the brain, it is true. Red meat is known to contain large volumes of iron in it. Therefore, when you end up eating excess meat the volume of iron increases in the brain and myelin (a nerve fiber) is destroyed in the process. This leads to hindrance in communication in the brain, further developing into Alzheimer’s.

Increases associated cancer risks
Research suggests that people who eat more meat tend to show an increase in the level of harmful hormones in the body. These hormones are specifically ones that are known to induce and increase cancer risk by attaching hormone receptors on tumors.

Hardens the blood vessels in the body
Cartinine, a compound found in red meat has been found to cause atherosclerosis, which is basically the clogging of arteries. This further stimulates the buildup of cardiovascular disease in individuals.

E.coli can affect you
Meat is one those things that can cause you E.coli, apart from unpasteurized apple cider and milk. This can to cause abdominal cramps, dehydration and even lead to renal (kidney) failure!

Cruelty caused to animals
This should one huge reason enough to cause you to quit eating meat. The fact that the piece of meat on your plate was a living creature simply raised to under woeful circumstances to be shed, causing them utmost pain can be hard to accept. Yet, we often tend to just ignore such happenings and go about eating meat. Just think about it!

Scraps glued together
Transglutaminase is largely used to glue together smaller pieces of meat to form larger ones. This compound used to be obtained from animal blood, but now produced by the fermentation of bacteria. Having meat of a number of cows together can mainly increase the chances of contamination, something that we really ignore.

Vegetarians live longer!
A study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health states that the higher your meat consumption, the shorter will your life span be. Of course, that means vegetarian is the way to go if you are looking to live longer. You can also turn to a number of other items for your source of proteins, for e.g. nuts, fish, poultry, etc.

These are just about a few reasons that can convince you to stop consumption of meat. Therefore, going green can be the perfect way to attain a healthier lifestyle.
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