If you are one among millions of Game of Thrones fans, enjoy this gallery that shows how our favorite Westeros characters look when they are not on set.


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Khaleesi’s slave girl at first, Missandei got much more attention as the show progressed. If you think she looks beautiful in the series, wait until you see her in real life.

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Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie is a gorgeous actress who you might also know from Furious 7 besides the GoT. This British actress really got her career kickstarted with the HBO show and we hope to see her more in the future.

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Arya Stark

The younger Stark girl is one of the most interesting characters on the show. She’s already been through a lot, and it’s very exciting to see her next adventures. Arya might be a girl, but she surely isn’t a lady. She’s tough and knows her way around the sword.

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Maisie Williams

Young Maisie is already a professional. We watched grow up on the Game of Thrones and she’s now become a gorgeous young woman. Personally, she’s not so similar to her character Arya. In fact, she says she’s a nerd and a bookworm.

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Varys is the one person who always knows all the secrets in Westeros. He’s truly vital to the plot and always surprises the audience with new twists.

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Conleth Hill

We couldn’t help but wonder if he was really bald or just shaved, so here he is. Conleth Hill looks so much different in real life!

Margaery Tyrell

She didn’t want to be a queen, she wanted to be the queen. But Margaery’s beauty couldn’t save her from Cersei’s cruelty.

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Natalie Dormer

The Hunger Games fans remember seeing Natalie Dormer before. She’s shown she can play versatile roles as well as shave half of her hair if needed.

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Cersei Lannister

The one true evil queen, Cersei is always thinking about the next horrible thing to do, all while trying to protect her children. In the meantime, she’s having an affair with her twin brother, with whom she has the mentioned children. That’s probably the most controversial detail from the show.

Lena Headley

In real life, Lena Headley is too busy to come up with evil plots, not that she would want to, anyway. She’s had an active acting career ever since she started acting in 1992.

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Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the ultimate favorite of the audience. Starting the show as an underdog, with one bad thing after another happening to him, he finally became The King of the North. It’s rumored that his role is about to become even bigger in the upcoming season 7.

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Kit Harington

The role of Jon Snow brought Kit Harington worldwide fame and several other acting gigs. Be ready to see much more of him; who wouldn’t want such a star on their project?

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