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What If Alcohol Didn’t Exist?

If Alcohol Didn't Exist?

*—Alcohol is responsible for almost 40% of all crimes throughout the world. *—3.3 million People would be alive every year. *—It is the second most leading cause of death, after tobacco. *—Nearly 8% of Male-deaths and 4 % female-deaths are alcohol-related. *—People would be less susceptible to HIV/ AIDS CANCER PNEUMONIA *—10,000 Americans wouldn’t get […]

How Alcohol Attacks your Brain and Damages your body.


Dangers Caused By Alcohol *Late reactions, *blurry vision, *slurred speech, *weakened memory and *trouble walking Above are only some side effects of consuming alcohol. Some of them are visible after a few drinks. Some show up when someone consumes alcohol over longer time period such as brain shortfalls even in the times of not consuming […]

Easy ways to get rid of blackheads.

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Need help to get rid of the blackheads? Follow these! Maintaining beautiful and clear skin takes consistency, time, and effort. The dermatologists may advise many products, which could be expensive and also take a lot of time to properly work. But you can include few home remedies to remove whiteheads and blackheads in a matter […]

Want to look younger? Here’s how!


If anyone of you ever wanted to look much younger (with your grooming arsenal stocked up), these 9 easy strategies can turn the clock back for you with no medicine space ever required for you. 1. Consume Your Antioxidants Most of the ‘best’ moisturizers can’t even promise lesser wrinkles in just 2 weeks. But a […]

Natural way to cure Headache in 30 seconds.


Why to take medicines having so many side-effects when you can cure your headache Naturally and within 30 seconds, merely by this Acupressure Technique? The upper area which lies between thumb and index finger must be gently pressed with either you thumb or middle finger. This area is also known as Hoku spot in  Chinese. […]

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