These Animals have adapted with Our Civilization

Wild animals have to constantly contend with growth of human civilization. Several wild animals have trained themselves to coexist in metropolitan settings. Some of the examples include pigeons and raccoons.

The subway travelers in Moscow are getting accustomed with stray dogs traveling in the same trains as them. Such dogs have become familiarized to travel by the subway system- to travel around Moscow- and even sleep for a while on their way to their destinations. The dogs step in the trains in the morning and travel to other parts of the city to spend the whole day searching for scraps. After the day’s end, they hop back on the trains to go to suburbs to get some sleep with more safety.

Such dogs have also become experts at knowing the total time they have to stay on subway and appear to work as a group to make sure that they go out at the right stop on the subway network.

Several scientists consider this fact as a result of Soviet Union collapse in the early 1990s as well as Russia’s new capitalists moving the industrial complexes to suburbs from the city center.

Moscow Ecology and Evolution Institute’s Dr Andrei Poiarkov said that ‘These networks were utilized by the homeless dogs as a means of getting shelters, so they needed to travel together along with their houses. Since the best food hunting place is the city center, the dogs learnt about traveling on the subway network to reach the city center in the daytime and come back home in the evening- just like normal people.’