Mouse Attacks Snake to Save Friend

Zookeepers at the Hangzhou zoo, situated in Zhejiang province of eastern China, saw a strange scene when two living mice were positioned inside an area for the snake for its dinner.

Daring the nature’s law, one courageous mouse was unwilling to let the snake take his friend away for its food.

The keeper said ‘usually a mouse hides while the viper consumes the other one, but in this case, the other mouse assaulted the snake by

A mouse at a zoo in eastern China was supposed to be a snake’s dinner, but was freed by zoo officials after he informed the snake that he had no plans to go quietly. While the snake was eating another mouse; let’s call that mouse Dinner Mouse, that had been unceremoniously dropped into its cage for its evening meal, this guy – who we’ll call Brave Alive Mouse – jumped on the snake’s head and started to bite him. This was undoubtedly a combination of survival instinct, having a tiny mouse brain, and maybe rabies, but we’re choosing to interpret it as a desperate, heroic attempt to save his friend.

While it became too late to protect him, the aggressive mouse was set free when the zookeeper felt that the brave mouse earned his precious right to be alive. Brave Alive Mouse was not able to rescue Dinner Mouse, but he did capture the attention of zoo officials who decided that this was a mouse who deserved to live, and set him free. The snake, despite having a few bite marks on his head, has no memory of what happened and started eating another pair of mice.

We can only imagine a world where all humans had such respect and love for others; as shown in the shocking set of pictures.