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If bacteria Don’t eat it, why should you?


Seeing this would tell you the reality behind preservatives… First of all: Longer the shelf life, worse it is. Some natural foods can sustain for extended periods of time- such as coconuts On the other hand, food stuff such as candies fast food is preserved for a longer shelf life. It is only for increased […]



Immediately STOP eating these foods for a better and healthy body: It is highly recommended to always carefully read the labels before purchasing any food item. Conventional energy bars contain additives for longer shelf life. Margarine contains transfats. Avoid foods that comprise of additives, have a stretched shelf life, and are modified genetically. Almost all […]

This is why you should often Walk Barefoot


The greatest benefits we could get is from nature and through natural means. Merely Walking Barefoot have great benefits and have been recommended since ages. Experts says that if early morning we would walk with bare feet on grass, then it would give us maximum benefits. It is good for our eyesight, depression, muscles and […]

Always be Careful While Holding Yours Child Hand

Important childcare tip

Always be careful when you hold or carry your child hand as you may not know you may accidentally injured them. Please go through the pictures below for more details. This is because when you hold your child’s hand, you may accidentally injure them… There is a lot of reporting of such cases where people do […]



Here is a List of different foods presenting Most acidic and alkaline foods. Acidic foods must be avoided as they are responsible for many problems and health issues. It also have been found that those who are suffering from cancer have very high acidic pH value relative to those who don’t. Cancer and other major […]

Sugar Suppresses the Immune System


How sugar controls your body system Whenever you use higher sugar amount- be it from a candy bar or from a can of Coke- the body’s immune system discontinues responding to the outside challenges for few hours. This is because sugar curbs the immune system to react to the challenges. This means anyone consuming more […]

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