Amazing Friendship in Lion, Tiger and Bear

Three animals; a tiger, a lion, and a bear; were bought by a drug peddler as cubs. But he could not take care of the three animals correctly as a result of which, the harness in bear’s neck went inside his skin since the drug dealer did not get it altered as the bear grew. The bear’s harness had to be later removed surgically.

All three animals were abused and ignored early in life. They were finally rescued and were taken to an animal shelter located in Georgia. The staff at the shelter attempted to separate them as they were thought to be fighting as they were three different large predators.

All the three were separated from each other and kept alone. During separation they behaved poorly and were stubborn. Again they were brought back together. All the three behaved well and calmed down.

After more than twelve long years, all the three best friends use their time by cuddling, playing, and eating happily with each other. The staff has no plans to take these three lifelong friends apart