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COVID-2019 : Coronavirus Cure in Sight


70 vaccinations for the coronavirus are underway with three already being tested in human trials as the world’s total number of cases climbs to 22,06,420, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports. The vaccine closest to completing clinical trials, now in phase two, was developed by Hong Kong-listed CanSino Biologics. The biomedical company and […]

Scientists : There are 6 new Types of Coronavirus in Bats


Researchers from the Smithsonian’s Global Health Program discovered six new types of coronavirus in bats, the same family of viruses as the one that causes COVID-2019, Smithsonian Magazine reported. The research was conducted on 759 samples as well as tests conducted on over 460 bats from at least 11 different species found in Myanmar. Forty-eight […]

China : Africans told to leave Homes


Africans told to leave homes as Chinese regime blames foreigners for bringing CCP virus to China. As China accuses other countries of #racism, #Africans inside China are facing discrimination amid the #CCP virus (#coronavirus) pandemic. On April 8, a large number of African people in the Southern Chinese city Guangzhou were driven out by their […]

China : Publication of Coronavirus Research Restricted


China has restricted the publication of academic research on the origins of the Coronavirus, according to a central government directive and notices published by two Chinese universities. The new guidelines require that all academic papers on the Coronavirus undergo additional vetting before being submitted for publication, according to CNN. Studies on the origin of the […]

Israel has Succeeded in Stabilizing Coronavirus Spread


Israel has succeeded in stopping the spread of the coronavirus and now needs to figure out how to exit the lockdown, said deputy director of the Health Ministry, Prof. Itamar Grotto on Sunday to Ynet. “I think we can say that we’ve pretty much succeeded in the stage of stopping the spread of the coronavirus,” […]

More deadly form of Corona virus caused havoc in USA and Europe


The mystery of why Corona caused more havoc in the US-European countries Italy, France and Spain than China seems solved. Research from Cambridge University has revealed that the virus originated from China changed three forms. In Europe and America, it took the life of more than one lakh people by taking a more deadly form. Cambridge genetic […]

New Study Finds Coronavirus Travels 13 feet in the Air


A new study has found that the novel coronavirus can spread in the air for about 4 meters (13 feet), over twice the distance currently recommended people maintain for social distancing in public. The study, conducted by scientists at Beijing’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, tested air and surface samples from both an ICU and […]

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