Never Eat Green Potatoes

There are many benefits of potatoes but the green potatoes are extremely dangerous. Here’s why:

Potatoes are used widely and also as chief ingredients in several dishes. But did you know regarding green potatoes? The potatoes become green because of a high amount of chlorophyll in them- which is usually not harmful for health. But still, this is not great news for food lovers since they are very unsafe for their wellbeing. It is because of high amount of solanine- manufactured at the same time while the chlorophyll is created.

A lot many researches done on them show that they contain high quantity of toxic chemical known as solanine. Even if anyone consumes this chemical by chance, it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, nausea, etc.

A report provided by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor named Alexander Pavlista tells that a hundred pound man, on an average, has to eat around 15 ounces of green potato to fall sick.

It was seen that green potatoes are not sent for sale to market. To stop production of solanine, green potatoes must be stocked up in a low lit and cool place.

If its taste is bitter, never consume it. It would turn out to be more harmful, so avoiding it is the best choice.

Also, removing the green areas prior to eating it is a wise thing as well.