Sugar Suppresses the Immune System


How sugar controls your body system

Whenever you use higher sugar amount- be it from a candy bar or from a can of Coke- the body’s immune system discontinues responding to the outside challenges for few hours.

This is because sugar curbs the immune system to react to the challenges. This means anyone consuming more sweets frequently in a day is at a higher risk of having a non reactive immune system which allows the outside forces like bacteria, fungi, etc. to harm your body.

Sugar also promotes inflammation, a part of immune response, which is not always bad but consuming more sugar foods can increase inappropriate inflammation that in fact promotes aging as well as diseases.

Sugar even suppresses human growth hormone release. The ads that we see in several magazines showing a guy with a fabulous body looking several years younger with the help of an anti-aging program show more of those people who get themselves injected with human growth hormones, which are expensive as well as risky. Certainly, they also take a lot of carefully planned diet as well as hit the gym many times a week, but they do use those available hormone shots which make their appearance more attractive. If you really want to slow your aging process, avoid foods high in sugar to naturally augment your body’s human growth hormone production. Along with this, healthy eating, regular exercising, and evading excessive stress helps a great deal.

Sugar elevates insulin levels. Extra sugar in your body means higher blood sugar which will make your pancreas release insulin bunch shortly to assist in clearing the sugar from the blood towards your cells. This makes the insulin levels come to normal state with lower blood sugar levels. However, in case of consuming higher sugar amount, you’re continually asking for the necessary insulin which can further rebound in two ways. Firstly, it would require more insulin to make the body perform normally. During this, your pancreas might stop reacting to their call which can make your an insulin-reliant diabetic. Secondly, exposing your cells as well as organs to several constantly high insulin levels can even result in accelerated aging process.

Sugar encourages glycation. The sugar molecules take your body as a singles bar. After they get in the bloodstream, they would immediately start looking around to hook up for things such as an attractive protein or a fat molecule. This link up is called as “glycation”, which has a pretty bad result. This is so because the glycated molecules work as drunken sailors in your body- unnecessary breaking things and producing toxic compounds known as advanced glycation end results (AGEs). These AGEs basically fast forward the aging process causing many irreversible damages. These factors should inspire you to avoid sugar containing products from now on.

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