99 year old Dobri Dobrev. A BEGGAR WHO DONATED 40,000 Euros!!!

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This beggar has a heart of gold!

Meet Dobri Dobrev, a 99 year old man from Sofia, Bulgaria.

Some interesting facts about Dobri:

·         He lost his hearing in the second world war

·         He walks 10 kilometers from his village in home-produced clothes and leather shoes to Sofia

·         In Sofia, he spends the day pleading for money.

·         He is well known name in a lot of churches in the capital city

·         He is known widely for his humility of thanking every donor

·         He has donated every penny he EVERY collected!

·         This is more than 40,000 Euros!

·         He gave the money for restoring a lot of crumbling Bulgarian monasteries as well as churches

·         He also gave some of the money to pay the utility bills of orphanages

·         He prefers to live on a monthly state pension of just 80 Euros!

He truly teaches what Humanity is!

This man deserve to be famous and his deed is worth to be known throughout the world. Please Share and spread this post about this EPIC gentleman!