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Who is responsible for breeding racism into children?


Racism. A simple enough word that should not mean discrimination and hate, but it does. In the world of equality, racism holds no place but we are far away from living in that world. In the name of religion, caste and color, we take it and then dish it out. And our children, no thanks […]

Shocking Drugs Related Transformations [Watch Video]


“Not even once.” That’s the phrase that will come to mind after you see this drastic “before and after drugs” photos. These photos explains the lives of different individuals who decided to embrace a life of drugs. From their first to last, both their lives and their bodies were destroyed by drugs. It’s hard to believe […]

The Easiest 5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person


You’ll often find that the most toxic people in your life started out as the nicest. But they weren’t nice- they were fake. We need friends in our lives; they help us to keep things balanced when we can’t do it ourselves. In fact, friendships are one of the most important relationships in our lives. […]

Europe is Rejecting Monsanto’s GMOs! Two More Countries Say No to GMOs!


Two more European countries are rejecting genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Lativia and Greece have specifically said no to growing Monsanto’s genetically modified maize, or MON810, that’s widely grown in America and Asia but is the only variety grown in Europe. Scotland and Germany were the first countries that booted GMOs. They feared that GMO crops […]

Belgian police warn facebook users to avoid reactions feature

police Warns Facebook Users

Belgian Police have warned residents not to use Facebook’s Reactions feature in order to avoid handing the network more personal information advert targeting. The Federal Police said the new option, which was introduced in February, will be used to gauge the effectiveness of adverts on users’ profiles. “If it appears that you are in good spirits, […]

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