Rape-aXe, an Anti-Rape Female Condom!

Most effective anti rape condom: rape axe

Most effective anti rape condom!

  • This device is known as Rape-aXe
  • It is an anti-rape female condom.
  • It was invented by a South African woman
  • It is a latex cover with shafts of sharp, opposite facing barbs.
  • If a rapist tires a vaginal rape, his penis would enter it but would be caught by the barbs, causing him unbearable pain!
  • Not only this, it would also give a chance to the victim to run away.
  • But it would still be attached to the attacker’s penis and could be removed only surgically!
  • The hospital staff as well as the police could get alerts too.
  • It guards the rape victims from the unwanted pregnancy as well as HIV too.