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Women stripped and beaten brutally in public; none helped!

Women striped, kicked and beaten brutally for 30 minutes in public

Yet another case in which a women was ashamed and ripped off her dignity. As per timesofindia, A women conductor in Dombivli area (Mumbai, India) was brutally beaten by a male passenger, while those, present at the site simply remain nude spectators. The crime against women refuse to end. In a shocking incident in Dombinili, Mumbai a […]

Want to look younger? Here’s how!


If anyone of you ever wanted to look much younger (with your grooming arsenal stocked up), these 9 easy strategies can turn the clock back for you with no medicine space ever required for you. 1. Consume Your Antioxidants Most of the ‘best’ moisturizers can’t even promise lesser wrinkles in just 2 weeks. But a […]

Hedy lamarr. Beauty with Brain


This woman is the reason you are accessing Wi-Fi! This woman- named Hedy Lamarr- not only was beautiful but also had ample of brain! Among many inventions that she did, Wi-Fi was one of the most important in them! Thank you so much Hedy Lamarr! For wifi.

Is she the most beautiful female on earth?


To some, she might be…but she certainly is not a goddess. Sure she is very pretty but first of all, she is a woman. She would react to a man who would treat her like a goddess. I recently went out with 2 very attractive women and they were no different in their basic reactions! […]