The human body is considered to be the best picture of the human soul. From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, every part of your body reveals something or other about your personality.


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The length of fingers, the color of your eyes or your forehead can reveal anything from your personal to your professional life.

Here are some facts on what the body part says about you.

The Hairs

Women with blonde hair are confident than Brunettes and Redheads. Redheads are most sensitive to pain and need high doses of medication than blondes or brunettes.

It is also believed that the average bald man has an IQ of 119 in America which is higher than the average man’s IQ of 115.

The Forehead

You are clever, practical and full of the ideas if you have a wide forehead. People with rounded and deep forehead are serious when it comes to friendship.

Those with flat forehead are prone to dealing with facts while having a receding forehead means you are impatient and spontaneous.

The Face

Men with narrow faces are honest and open but those having a wider face tend to be devious and are willing to cheat.

The Eyebrows

A person having short eyebrows and between 31-34 years is likely to face problems in personal and professional life. Those with thick and dark eyebrows are active and friendly but if they have light and sparse eyebrows they tend to stay organized.

Messy eyebrow means messy life but straight eyebrows indicate strong convictions in the person. 

The Eyes

You need to develop physical strength if you have pale blue eyes. You analyze emotions and are focused if you have blue-grey eyes.

A family oriented, caring person will have brown eyes but a green eyed person needs variety at work and is easily bored. 

The Nose

A Turned-up nose means you are optimistic and full of enthusiasm. Those having hawk nose don’t care what others think of them. The Roman nose characterizes leadership and strong personality.

The Creases in The Hands

The deepest crease is on the bottom of the hand and they are lucky. If the crease is straight across the hand, such people are highly intelligent.

Now you can figure out your personality using the above facts. Share your comments on the same.

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