Immediately STOP eating these foods for a better and healthy body: It is highly recommended to always carefully read the labels before purchasing any food item. Conventional energy bars contain additives for longer shelf life. Margarine contains transfats. Avoid foods that comprise of additives, have a stretched shelf life, and are modified genetically. Almost all […]

This is why you should often Walk Barefoot


The greatest benefits we could get is from nature and through natural means. Merely Walking Barefoot have great benefits and have been recommended since ages. Experts says that if early morning we would walk with bare feet on grass, then it would give us maximum benefits. It is good for our eyesight, depression, muscles and […]



A human soul weighs this much… In an experiment done about the existence of human soul, several things were found out: ·         People have always taken soul as a vital part of body for many years. ·         In 1907, one Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill in Massachusetts tried to weigh the soul! ·         He had […]

Easiest way to make a tie!


  Every day you spend a lot of time to wear a tie… This pic presents a very simple way to make a tie and in only 6 steps. Easy, Simple, Effective and easy to learn, which eventually will save you a lot of time. The best part, you will no longer have to struggle […]

How To Know You Are With The Right Partner?


In a seminar, a lady asked an author,” How do I know if I am with the right person?” The author then asked him about the large man sitting next “Is that your partner?” The lady said “How do you know?” Here’s the answer, author said: Every relationship has a cycle: In the beginning; you […]

Is This What You Eat!!! What You Pay For!!!


If this photo disturbs you, you are already consuming it! This is not any photography trick… This is a real tumor that is very commonly found in the flesh of farm animals. It is because only the outside flesh is cleaned and the real meat remains unclean. Don’t believe us? Ask any butcher shop near […]

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