Why No Aeroplane Passes Over Tibet?


Tibet is a neighbouring country between India and China. Tibet has its own identity in the whole world, then whether it is from a spiritual point of view or tourism. Tibet is also called the roof of the world due to its high elevation from the sea and is surrounded by huge mountain ranges. Tibet […]

When the Bubble of our Life Bursts, Change is Inevitable


We all live inside of bubbles that have built up through habits, priorities, memories, expectations, thoughts and perceptions about self and how life is. We peer out at the world and other people through our own bubbles, and make decisions in accordance with what we have encoded in them. There are times in life when […]

Amazing benefits including Weight Loss of water chestnuts


The water chestnut can help in improving fertility and aid weight loss. You must include this very versatile winter vegetable in your diet. Though they are called water chestnuts, but these are not nuts. Water Chestnuts are aquatic tuber vegetables that grow in ponds, paddy fields, marshes and shallow lakes. It is a low in […]

The prescription for a Longer and Happy Life


Several studies have been done on the positive impacts of sex. Sex has multiple health benefits and so sensual pleasure becomes an essential thing to lead a healthy and happy life. Although sex is an indispensable one to build a strong bond, sexual intercourse helps you to live longer as per the researches. When it […]

Easter Island Statues Mystery is Solved


The enigmatic statues seen in Rapa Nui, popularly called Easter Island, a World Heritage Site, may have been built by ancient carvers with a belief that the ‘Moai’ monoliths could boost agricultural fertility and critical food supplies, according to a study.   According to the researchers, including those from the University of California – Los […]

Rules You Must Follow when Lending Money

High quality 3d render of a modern white keyboard with blue colored Donate button and copy space. Donate keyboard button has an icon and text on itself. Horizontal composition with selective focus. Great use for  donation, chairity, crowdfunding related concepts.

Some things that are easier said than done-one of them is giving the advice to steer clear of lending to your friends or family. Though it is advisable to stay away from lending to friends and family, but sometimes finds it hard to say no to own relatives or loved ones when it comes to monetary assistance. […]

How to Detect 2-way Mirror in Changing Room?


Instances of two-way mirrors being installed in the changing rooms for female are not so uncommon. It’s practically impossible to tell just by looking. Then how do you find out what kind of mirror it is that you are staring at? If you’re in a public place and in an area where you’d expect privacy, […]

Effects of ‘Anger and Fear’ on the whole Life of Human


Anger and fear exist in every human being, in varying degrees, either on the surface where everyone can see it, or at deeper layers of the consciousness, from where it comes up, when triggered by people or external events of daily life. Fear and anger are actually the same energy, but with opposite polarities. You could […]

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