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If you too are a fan of brushing your teeth immediately after taking meals, then this one’s for you.

* Brushing teeth soon after eating can badly damage them
* Dentists warn that brushing in half an hour can decay teeth
* It sends the corrosive acids very deep into the teeth
* Brushing after an hour can help protect teeth
# A lot of people brush teeth more than it is recommended- more so, after having a rich meal

Right after consuming fizzy drinks, their acid burns the enamel of teeth as well as a layer below it, known as ‘dentin’.

Teeth oxidize faster when brushed after having an acidic soft drink within half an hour- due to ‘stripping’ or demineralising.

Dr Howard R. Gamble is the president of Academy of General Dentistry. He told the New York Times in an interview that ‘A person can push the acid deep inside the enamel and dentin, with brushing.’

The fruits- mostly orange, vinegar, lemon juice, soft drinks and sport drinks – have an extreme level of acidity in them which softens the enamel, says the chairman of oral health committee of Australian Dental Association: Dr Peter Alldritt.

If anyone brushes their teeth right away, then their enamel will get affected and damaged and suffer.
Waiting at least half an hour before brushing gives the mouth enough time to generate saliva for neutralizing its acidity and helping in hardening the teeth by absorbing more calcium. It then, acts just like a shield as the saliva has phosphate and calcium ions which the teeth also contain. This makes the saliva act like a pool of phosphate and calcium for the teeth.
Saliva also possesses several enzymes which counterbalance the acid and return your mouth’s pH back to neutral soon.