Cannabis oil is a highly efficient natural cancer cure.



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Cannabis Marijuana bud oil is a very resourceful natural cancer cure!


Some facts about it:
* Cannabis Marijuana flower Oil has THC helps destroy Cancer and Leukemia cells
* Cannabis have Anti-Cancer Effect.
* Cannabis oil is competent natural cancer cure
* the cannabinoid induces autophagy-mediated death of cell with the help of motivation of ER pressure in the human glioma cells.

A team of scientists from France, Spain, and Italy in 2008 conducted laboratory tests which showed that an active element in marijuana- tetrahydrocannabinol or THC- functions as an excellent cure to treat brain cancer. The Journal of Clinical Investigation published study claimed that it does so by inducing the human glioma cell decease by autophagy stimulation.

The study also said that by the same biochemical procedure, THC can even finish multiple kinds of cancers which affect several body cells. Many more studies show that the cannabinoids may also work by different mechanisms such as inducing cell death, inhibiting tumor metastasis, and inhibiting cell growth.

As the cannabinoids effectively aim to kill the cancerous cells, they never affect the healthy and normal cells but further protect them from cellular death. The cannabinoids are also being researched in depth for their anti-inflammatory and pain modulation abilities since they connect to particular receptors in brain- just like opioid derivatives which are frequently prescribed these days.

But the major difference in this vast research and data from the cancer survivors tells that no chemotherapy can ever match the anti-carcinogenic, anti-tumorigenic, and non-toxic effects of such natural plant compounds.
One more study states that THC including Cannabinoids encourages apoptosis in the leukemic cells (PMID: 16908594).


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