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This is how cancer feed on sugar! 

Sugar is not only a main source of getting excess calories but also increases chances of cancer cells lapping up on high fructose containing corn syrup. The latest study shows that pancreatic tumor cells make use of fructose to split and then reproduce.

The tumor cells increased on both sugar kinds but flourished more with fructose.

Most of the Americans are consuming, on a daily basis, this cancer nourishing fructose- even to the level where the high fructose containing corn syrup is fast becoming their most preferred source of calories.

A Journal of Nephrology study found that intake of “dietary fructose” aggravates the kidney disease by restraining the intestinal calcium inclusion along with shortage of vitamin D.

Several ways in which fructose contributes to cancer and other physical problems are:

·        Inflammation

·        Free radicals production in excess

·        DNA damage

·        Altered cellular metabolism

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