Day: 12

True and Real intimacy is the Richest of all Treasures

This is story about a man’s fading love for his wife: Once I got home late; I held my wife’s hand as she served dinner and told her, I’ve got something to tell her. I could see the pain in her eyes as she ate quietly. I told her I want a divorce but she

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How to Make Own All-Natural and All- Weather Deodorant?

Your much loved deodorant might be having some of these dangerous ingredients that can even brain damage, cause cancer, and liver defect? Here are three worst ingredients: Parabens: They are mostly used in several skincare as well as cosmetic products and function as preservative to keep bacteria and fungus away. Many studies show that parabens

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Dolphins Save A Dog from Drowning

A group of dolphins came to save a Dog that had fallen into a canal an couldn’t get out. On Marco Island, Florida; they made a lot of noise to attract the attention of people living nearby to help rescue the dog. The dog was thought to have been in the canal water for more

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