Online Shopping Failures Actually Happened

Online shopping has changed the face of the retail world forever. Everyone loves online shopping. It’s simple, easy, convenient, and doesn’t require you to actually get out of bed, change out of your pajama bottoms, and put on pants. One of the best things about the Internet is that you can find literally anything you want, no matter how random, weird, or unusual it is.

What’s not to love? Things we see online don’t always arrive at our homes looking the same way. The world of online shopping is still pretty much unregulated. It’s like the Wild West on the World Wide Web. Online shopping can be tricky and unsafe also. It can make you regret when you will not receive the exact order what you actually had ordered and your money will be unsafe because if you won’t be able to use that then it might be waste of your money. Check out these hilarious online shopping fails!

Online shopping in a nutshell

It looks quite different in the picture while the person was ordering it from the phone but the product turned out as a disappointment after receiving it.

Surprise, Surprise

At first glance, the instructions this customer gave seem hard to get wrong. But let’s think about it for a moment. Sometimes people take instructions a little too literally.

Maybe the worker who was shipping out the box has just gotten into a robot like routine and doesn’t pay attention to what customers are writing in the special instructions box. Or maybe, with the advent of technology, an actual robot was doing the job and that’s why the message didn’t come across.

The Costume

The costume of superpower hero was looking so much interesting from the picture they showed while selling as compared to the reality, the actual product received.

Extremely chunky knitted blanket

The customer expected the blanket to be long enough that they can utilize it properly to cover the whole body, but the size was so short.

Always check the dimensions when ordering online

The size of the pan is so small that nothing can be cooked in it, it can be actually used as a toy and it can’t be used for real preparations.

Still kinda cute though

The product that the online company made the customer see was so much different as compared to what they have delivered.

This is how minions are stealthily taking over the world

The customer ordered something completely different and received something so different. Minions are just taking over the world.

1/2-inch solenoid valve

A man ordered 1/2-inch solenoid valve but his order was replaced with the 7-foot-tall teddy bear.

Crawling On The Walls

While cats aren’t particularly known for their loving and affectionate nature, if looks could kill, this kitty would be a murderer. He seems to be pretty displeased with the fact that this gift from his owner isn’t exactly what he expected.

It’s not clear if this is a hilarious practical joke, or if the owner simply didn’t check the measurements that the seller posted. Whatever the case, it’s clear that this cat is majorly upset about this tiny scratching post.

Basically The Same

Everyone loves an item that changes. Whether it’s a reversible sweater or Transition lenses, having an item that does more than one thing makes you feel like you’ve gotten two products for the price of one.

However, for this poor customer, this popular Christmas mug wasn’t exactly what she expected when she ordered it. Instead of a mug that changes its image when its exposed to hot water, the buyer got a mug with a picture of two mugs on it.

Toe Tights

Halloween is the best time of year to let your freak flag fly high, and this dude was totally ready to take advantage of it. He planned on dressing as Catwoman in skintight leather leggings – however, when he got his order, it ended up fit for a fairy and not a grown man.

It’s not clear if this is just a straight up rip off or specifically made for dolls, but whatever the case, it’s definitely a holiday ruiner.

Size Matters

There’s nothing like an ornate rug that screams elegance to pull a room together. A nice Persian rug conveys elegance, class, and wealth, so it’s no surprise that this young man ordered one and was super excited about the effect it would have on the aesthetic of his bachelor pad.

But, to his shock, the rug wasn’t quite the size he was expecting when he paid for it. At least he’s found a useful purpose for the tiny carpet as a bookmark!

Something’s definitely wrong with this unicorn

The tube is not what exactly the customer had expected, they showed something else from the outside of the box and inside when they checked they received an unwanted surprise.

The Dress

The picture shown on the website of tehir hopping site of dress is much so different as compared to the dress received.