Why Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life?


If you ask a spiritual master why Lord Jesus gave up his life, they will tell you- for others, for us, for humanity… But the main question today is what are we giving him for that sacrifice? Nothing! Most of us are committing evil activities. Most of the human society either ignores that fact or […]

55ft snake found in a forest in Malaysia.


This picture shows a 55ft long snake that was found in a Malaysian forest. The workers who were clearing a forest to make a new road claimed that the snake was among the two massive Boas seen by them. They also claimed that they accidentally woke up two sleeping snakes while attempting to raze a […]

If bacteria Don’t eat it, why should you?


Seeing this would tell you the reality behind preservatives… First of all: Longer the shelf life, worse it is. Some natural foods can sustain for extended periods of time- such as coconuts On the other hand, food stuff such as candies fast food is preserved for a longer shelf life. It is only for increased […]

This charity is unique!


Poverty is bad and worst when experience as a child. They should study but can’t- because of struggle for food. Would you help them if you can? Did you know that just 15$ from you can fund food for 1 kid for an entire year! The Akshaya Patra Foundation, India based NGO, runs one of […]

Mothers love brought dead child to life


Mom’s love is great…Amazing Story of one Mother… When this woman- Carolyn Isbister- placed her 20oz baby near her chest to for cuddling, she took as her chance to embrace her. The doctors had told her and her husband that their baby- Rachel- had just a few minutes to live as her heart was pumping […]

No Guns, No Fence…Just The Way The World Should Be


Brilliant Example from the border of Belgium and Netherlands. This is how the world should be…!! No Guns, No Fence…Just the Way the World Should Be This picture from the borders of Belgium and Netherlands show us how the world should exactly be! Full of peace and without any guns, wars, and fence! Amazing sight […]

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