Inspiring Story of Kindness and Selflessness of 2 Common Person Who became President



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This thing happened for real with two 18 year old students in 1892 at Stanford University:

An orphan student didn’t have money to pay his fees and wanted it badly.

Along with his friend, he decided to host a musical performance on campus as fundraiser.

They got in touch with a pianist named Ignacy J. Paderewski.

His manager sought $2000 as guarantee for the piano narration and the deal was struck.

On the day of performance, they failed to sell sufficient tickets and got only $1600.

Both students went to Paderewski saddened and explained their troubles.

They offered the full amount of $1600 along with a cheque of balance $400 to honor it as soon as possible.

Paderewski refused it and tore the cheque and even returned the whole amount!

He also said to 2 guys: “take the money back and please take whatever expenses you incurred and pay your fees. If anything’s left, I’ll take it!”

The stunned boys thanked him generously.

It really showed that Paderewski was a kind human being.

That’s how great people think and live…

Years later, Paderewski became the Prime Minister of Poland and was a much loved leader.

Due to the World War, Poland was destroyed and more than 1.5 million people had no money to eat.

He then reached out to the US Food and Relief Administration for assistance.

Their head- Mr. Herbert Hoover – who also became the President of the US, decided to feed the famished citizens of Poland by sending tons of food grains.

A big tragedy was prevented from happening and Paderewski was thankful to Hoover.

When they met, Paderewski thanked Hoover for his gracious act but Hoover hastily interrupted him by saying, “Don’t thank me. You may not remember this, but many years ago, you helped 2 students study in college. I was one of them!” 

This shows how the whole world is a true mirror of your own actions.

As you sow, so you reap!

Do share this to inspire others to always do well.

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