This fruit can clean your arteries the best! 
Pomegranate is really helpful in preventing the progression of coronary artery disease.


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Journal Atherosclerosis published a study which confirmed that extract from pomegranate might prevent and even r reverse primary pathology linked with the cardiac mortality.
Study on mice with genetic weakness towards natural coronary artery blockages were provided pomegranate extract for two weeks via their drinking water- when they were three weeks old. While the pomegranate treatment rose their cholesterol levels linked with low density particles (lipoprotein-sized), the cure reduced both its occlusive atherosclerotic plaques with coronary arteries proportion and also reduced atherosclerotic plaques in aortic sinus size- an enlarged opening over the aortic valve.

The study also found that extract from pomegranate even resulted in providing following advantages:

1 Reduction of  cardiac enlargement
2 Reduced ECG abnormalities and oxidative stress levels
3 Less penetration of macrophage in heart muscle
4 Lower monocyte chemotactic protein-1 as well as fibrosis levels in myocardium
5 Lesser monocytie chemotactic protein- chemical messenger linked with many inflammatory processes in several arteries.
6 Lower lipid accumulations in heart muscle

Linus Pauling, two time winner of Nobel Prize tells that deficiency of vitamin C is basic cause behind cardiovascular disease- since our hominid primate predecessors at some point of time round the clock access to fruits due to which they lost the synthesizing ability. A shortage of sufficient amount of several foods and fruits might even directly affect the worsening organ function.