1 mosquito coil worse than 100 CigarettesBurning 1 mosquito coil worse than 100 Cigarettes
[By Jaspreet Deol]
We all face mosquito scare, especially during the monsoons and we all use the same solution- burn a mosquito coil. But before you burn a mosquito coil next time, read some shocking facts below:-


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*75-137 cigarettes when burnt release PM(2.5) mass which is equal to burning one mosquito coil.Yes! You read it right- one mosquito coil.

*Formaldehyde emitted from burning one mosquito coil can be as high as that emitted from burning 51 cigarettes.

*Now it is needless to mention that regular use of mosquito coil expose you to various lung infections and can even lead to cancer.

*Also to be noted is that the Malaysian mosquito coils generate more pollutants than their Chinese counterparts.

*Particles generated by burning mosquito coils are found to be very fine, which means they can easily get into your body.
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Source: [ US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health
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