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This is story about a man’s fading love for his wife:

• Once I got home late; I held my wife’s hand as she served dinner and told her, I’ve got something to tell her.
• I could see the pain in her eyes as she ate quietly.
• I told her I want a divorce but she said nothing
• She rather asked me softly the reason behind my decision which I avoided
• She got angry and abused me and she was right.

• It was all my fault…She cried whole night but I didn’t have a reasonable answer to give her why I love the other woman- Jane.
• I didn’t love my wife and even pitied at her condition!
• I felt guilt while making a divorce agreement in which I decided to give her our house, car, and even half stake of my company.
• She saw the agreement and tore it.
• We spent 10 years of life with each other and now she was a stranger to me.

• I apologized to have wasted her time and energy but I loved Jane extremely.
• She started weeping loudly to release negative emotions.
• I reached late next day after a great day with Jane and I saw my wife writing something.
• Next morning, she was still there, writing something.
• After a while she gave me her divorce conditions where she didn’t want anything but just 1 months’ notice divorcing.
• She wanted to make life for both of maximum normal as our son had his exams coming.

• My wife never wanted to disturb our son with our wrecked marriage; which I agreed.
• She also wanted me to remember how I carried her into bridal room on the wedding day.
• She wanted that to happen for next 30 days; every morning.
• But I accepted her request and told Jane about the divorce conditions too
• Jane laughed at it disrespectfully.
• My wife and I had no body contact since a long time and when I carried her on the 1st day, it looked very awkward. But our son clapped behind us and was laughing!
• 2nd day, we acted easily I felt she was not young anymore and this divorce hurt her.

• On 6th day, I felt intimacy returning and growing. Our son felt happy always…
• My wife became very thin lately that made me sad.
• On the 30th day, I could hardly take a step as it was last day.
• I told her how wrong I was that I didn’t notice the intimacy that lacked in our lives.
• I went to office and took stairs quickly to tell Jane “I do not want the divorce anymore, I am sorry.”
• She got angry and slapped me hard
• I realized how I didn’t value the details in our lives and not due lack of love.
• On the way back home, I bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my wife and wrote on a card- “I’ll carry you every morning till deaths do us apart.”
• When I reached home, I found my wife dead on in the bed.

• I got to know she was fighting CANCER for many months but I never cared for her.
• But she knew about herself and death.
• She wanted to save me- from our son’s negative reaction- for me; in case of divorce.
• At least now, our son would know that I’m a loving husband…
I was speechless and started a new life with my son and also realized:
“Small details in our lives matter a lot in a relationship for happiness and not the materials.

Moral of the story for you:

• Always find more time for your partner, friend, and relatives.
• Do little, special things for each to share respect and joy.
• Love is the richest of all treasures.