Man’s puzzled when cop gives him baby on board sign and not ticket. Then sees the pregnancy test

Although new babies are little miracles, they can also create a lot of stress for mom and dad.


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Once the baby finally arrives, it generally comes with many sleepless nights, a messy household and some tension around the house. Still, we also take for granted the simple ability to get pregnant. For some couples who want children, the road leading up to pregnancy is stressful enough on its own.

That was the case for Michelle and Wayne Blackmore, a couple in Garland, Texas.



The Blackmores had tried over and over to get pregnant.

Still, nothing had worked. Finally, the pair decided to take extreme action. After some deliberation, the couple decided to try in vitro fertilization, or IVF. In order to make the procedure more affordable, the couple even flew all the way over to the Czech Republic to get it done! Typically speaking, IVF is not a sure-fire way to get pregnant and comes with risks of its own.

That’s why Michelle Blackmore decided to tell her husband it had worked in a way he would never forget.



The Blackmores were back home from overseas one day when Wayne noticed a police officer behind him.

After all the stress he and his wife had been through already that year, Wayne could hardly believe his bad luck. “I bet this guy is going to light us up for not having a front license plate,” he tells his wife in the clip. “I guarantee you.” Meanwhile, Michelle is filming the entire time.

Sure enough, the police officer pulls them over on the side of the road.

Initially, the police officer asks Wayne for his identification and Wayne prepares for the worst.

Sure enough, the police officer comments on his missing front license. After a basic check-in, the police officer goes back to his car. Finally, the officer comes back with good news: there will be no citation. “Seeing as I’m not going to write you a ticket, maybe you can listen to me for a little bit, alright?” the officer asks.

What happens next is completely unexpected.

The officer explains why rules are important.

Obviously, Wayne agrees—but the officer goes further. “And as a parent, we also have to make sure that we’re good role models, correct? And seeing as how you’re in that boat now, don’t you think it’s important that you do the same?” Wayne isn’t sure how to take this news.

At the end of it all, the police officer hands him a “Baby on Board” sticker instead of a citation.

Although Wayne was just a little irritated, this story is adorable and hilarious.


Michelle’s surprise is sure to stick with Wayne for the rest of his life! Still, no news on whether or not they ever got that front plate put up, though. Catch the entire story in the video below!

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