There 4 Ingredients in your Fast Food are worse than Horsemeat


Stay away from these ingredients present in your fast food that are already making your life difficult:

1.    Electronic Cigarette Filler as well as Synthetic Laxative: The lengthy list of chemicals in Wendy’s Toffee Twisted Frosty- labeled as ‘milkshake’ hold more than 1 bad shock. It contains typical collection of fast foods like conventional GMO corn syrup, several thickening agents, and artificial flavorings. But one of the most used 14 ingredients to make it a top fast food seller is contained in Coffee Twisted Frosty Toffee. It is a laxative substance as well as electronic cigarette filler which called as propylene glycol. Several researches accessible on PubMed show that it has been associated with several neurotoxic consequences in kids. Along with that, it also decreases permeability of blood brain barrier and is also used as a killing as well as preserving agent to confine ground beetles in pitfall traps. Not only that, it also happens to be prohibited in cat food. Moreover, Wendy’s Frosty has a mercury-packed high-fructose containing corn syrup.

2.    Flour-Bleaching Agent utilized in Yoga Mats and Foamed Plastics: If this yoga mat ingredient was ever used in a country like Singapore to produce food, there would have been fines of up to $450,000 along with 15 years sentence in prison. But for the same product in the United States, they charge money and market the product by the name of McRib by McDonald’s! This product not only has GMOs, lethal chemicals, and damaging fillers, but also a component called azodicarbonamide- which is totally banned in Australia, Europe, Singapore, etc. This ingredient is used to make foamed plastics such as yoga mats but is one of the 70 odd ingredients in McRib sandwich that compromises ‘pork’ in it.

3.    Silicone based Breast Implant filler: A long list of banned ingredients is being used in the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets to probably create world famous fast food cancer bombs. After all, there is a reason why they are termed as one of the most awful food items in the world- it’s so called ‘meat’ which is not made of chicken but 7 different ingredients. These ingredients comprise of safflower oil, dextrose, wheat starch, sodium phosphate, and one of the most dangerous stuff called autolyzed yeast extract which is very similar in nature to MSG, though it is not a silicone breast implant chemical it. The chicken McNuggets from McDonalds also possess dimethylpolysiloxane- a chemical used in silicone breast implants…It is being phased out as breast plant filler because of industry’s safety concerns but is still being used by McDonald’s– in the US at least. The same product in Britain does not contain some of these unsafe chemicals that are simply allowed in the US.

4.    Chemicals based Salad: If you too are following the marketing campaigns of businesses to have salad at a fast food business as a healthier choice, here’s a sad truth: almost every piece sold at fast food establishments is contaminated with harsh chemicals in some way or the other. In McDonald’s, use of ‘orange glaze’ as well as the ‘cilantro lime glaze’ on so called healthy salads include propylene glycol, Disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate- which reveal the MSG presence in such healthy salads. The propylene glycol is linked with many negative neurotoxic affects in kids and decreases blood brain barrier permeability. Also, the lettuce served contains excessive herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancers, insecticides, etc.

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Source: naturalsociety