This Is The Reason Behind Facebook’s Creepy “People You May Know” Suggestions

Open your Facebook account and while you explore the numerous features you will come across one of the suggestions “People You May Know” from the social media platform.


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What does this mean and why we should know these suggested people?


Well, you can find all the answers when you continue reading this article.


Strange Recommendation


One of the straightforward mission of the company is to connect everyone in the world. To accomplish this, Facebook often recommends you to connect with other people whenever you login to your account.



PYMK as, it is commonly known as pops out on each login and the company, identifies other people that it thinks you might already know. The feature asks you to connect to them no matter you know them or not.


Factors as Per Facebook


The documentation available with Facebook about PYMK is quite vague and it enlists some factors which can be the possibilities behind receiving such suggestions.


When you share a mutual connection with the stranger which is a common friend to both.



You might be in the same Facebook group or got tagged in the same photo.

The person may be part of your network.


It’s fine to receive recommendations about a mutual connection but it looks creepy if the person is totally a stranger.


The Network of People


There can be many odd instances which gets timed in a manner such that you start receiving friend suggestions from Facebook.



For instance, you visited a nearby coffee shop or your office building, your smartphone location will start searching for people nearby to you and finally, you will get a recommendation to connect with them.


Different Interpretations


As per Kashmir Hill, Facebook confirmed using person’s location data to recommend friends but they changed it to a brief testing done by the company.



As per Facebook, a person appears in your suggestions list mostly when you have mutual friends with them. However, some people also think that visiting somebody’s profile also enables those recommendations.


The Contacts on Your Phone


An important factor to notice is the contact list on your phone which gets synced automatically when you install the Messenger app.


There are chances that the other person might have saved your number in his list even though you have not. That can be the reason why you get those creepy recommendations.



Let us know your views on the same.

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