A Girl’s Phone Call Saved A Guy From Committing Suicide. Ten Years Later They Got Married

If you are an Indian, there is a 95 percent chance that you have had your fair share of watching Bollywood flicks. By Bollywood flicks, we mean the masala films which would have a great mix of romance and agony.

For example, in numerous films, there would be situations that would compel the heroine to commit suicide, only to be saved by the hero at the nick of time.

Well, if you thought that unbelievable situations arise only in movies, this real-life story may give you serious couple goals! This is the story of Kevin Bolsch and Blake Moore.


As is quite common among teenagers, depression grasped Kevin quite bad. This went to such an extent that all that Kevin wanted was to end his life.

In fact, this urge to commit suicide had gripped the young mind of Kevin in such a way that he actually went forward to do so – but it was a phone call from Blake at the last moment which saved him. A decade later, Kevin and Blake are married.

Kevin narrated the story on Quora. He and Blake had met at the age of 13 at a summer camp. Both became pretty good friends. However, their camaraderie did not last long as the summer camp ended and both made their ways to their separate high schools.

A few years later, when Kevin was contemplating suicide, he received a phone call from an unknown number. It was from Blake! They both talked for what seemed like forever and that was just the beginning. Since then, they started talking to each over the phone and got attached to each other romantically.

This bond just became stronger with the days till, a decade later, they decided to get married.


Last year in April, Kevin proposed to Blake with a black diamond ring as the color black had an immense role to play in their relationship.

Today, Kevin and Blake are happily married to each other and they cannot imagine what would have happened if Blake had not called Kevin up right at that moment.

source: topyaps